Review: City Color Cosmetics !


Anyone who’s into the beauty community on Instagram has seen these products I’m sure. Or maybe one of your’re favorite You tuber’s has been raving about some product from this line. So naturally me being the makeup junkie that I am, I had to try a few products from this line. Originally I was going to make an online order but I found them in store!

The items I picked up were the “Contour Kit” “All-Set Setting Spray” and the “Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream”!  The grand total for everything was $12 (not including tax) , I picked these up at “FIVE BELOW”! I have been wearing these products for the past couple of days and here is my personal opinion on them.

The “Contour Kit” was $5.00 – The color selection for these is actually great ! Me being a Darker WOC I have finally found a contour shade that is perfect for my skin tone and is not muddy looking or goes on the skin too harsh. If you are a lighter tone than myself the darkest shade will be way too dark! But the bronze and darkest shade can be mixed together to make the perfect shade for any skin-tone if need be. The highlight shade actually works great as well for setting any concealer after and doesn’t leave my skin looking too white or powdery. I have been wearing this kit alone for contouring the past couple days and I must say I am very impressed especially b/c of the price point. I would totally recommend this kit especially for $5.00. Overall I would give this product a 5/5!

The “All-Set Setting Spray” was $2.00 – When I first saw this setting spray I was very skeptical. I run around alot at work so I am always looking for a good setting spray. Currently I use the “Urban Decay All-Nighter” Setting spray, so I wanted to find a cheaper alternative and for $2.00 it was definitely worth a try. It’s your typical setting spray, it mists out lightly and doesn’t have a bad smell so that’s always a plus. It is also tiny enough to store in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. I wore it at work and my face stayed absolutely flawless the entire shift I worked. I worked 8 hrs, and I did not touch my makeup up once. I have combination skin so usually halfway through the day my T-Zone is super oily! The setting spray definitely did the job (No icky sweaty face lol) and works just as good at the Urban Decay setting spray and is way cheaper. Overall I give this product a 5/5!

The “Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream” – Just like most makeup lovers I am obsessed with highlighters! Or anything that will make your skin look glowy ! I tested this out one morning trying to do my makeup but it isn’t the right highlighter for my skin-tone. It is a beautiful shade but I had to mix it with more golden and bronze tones to work for me. If you are a Darker WOC this might not be the best highlighter for you. I do think that this product will work great for others, but personally it doesn’t work for me, I wish there were more color choices. It goes on the skin well and has a good coverage and can be built up. I am sure I can find other uses for this product though. Overall I would give this product 3.5/5!

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