Makeup Review: Nabi Cosmetics Lip Liner

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I always see this brand locally in beauty supply stores, but you can also purchase them online. In the beauty supply store for one Lip Pencil it is $1.00 each! Not bad at all, but if you are a makeup junkie like me you want them all. So I went looking for them in bulk. I ended up finding them on !

Price $24.00 plus Shipping&Handling

Pros: Lots of Product (Very Long), comparable to NYX Cosmetics, Pigmented, You get 54 different colors, You can wear these alone, You will not run out of them for a while, great bang for your buck 🙂

Cons: May be hard to store for some people because of the length. (I store them in these jars and I have no issues!

If you guys want to see swatches just let me know, there are 54 different pencils! I personally recommend these to anyone who loves lip products, or is a makeup artist! Very affordable and the product works great. I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, so if you guys have any question just let me know !

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