Makeup Forever Flash Palette Dupe: IMAGIC EBAY (Review)


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This palette is amazing for starters! But first let’s talk about how I even found this lol! I originally had wanted the Makeup Forever Flash Palette by MUFE but it was always sold out, and I wasn’t even 100% sure that I would like it and use it all the time. It also retails for $99 and if I really want something I will buy it but I couldn’t bring myself to bid for it on ebay for more than $100 ! I watched some videos on Youtube about the palette, and even read reviews on instagram about it. I knew I needed to have it after seeing how many amazing things could be made from one palette. So I was searching through the MUFE Flash Palette hashtag on Instagram and I found a dupe. I thought it was too good to be true but I went on Youtube and saw reviews and comparison videos, and I read on instagram as well the same thing. Basically after that I was sold . . .Oh did I mention that with shipping and all the dupe of this palette is $12? YES IT IS REALLY $12 🙂

So into the review, this is a MUFE Flash Palette Dupe, the seller on ebay who sells it under the name IMAGIC.

Pros: Can be used for anything literally . . . .Foundation, Concealer, Highlight, Blush, Lipstick, eyeliner, Contouring, Color Correcting, or just plain having fun and being creative! THE PIGMENATION IS AMAZING! The price-point of course, and you also get al ton of product! Same ingredients as the original MUFE Flash Palette, same quality as well. (Look On Youtube for Comparison Video)

Cons: Shipping took 3 Weeks to a Month (Coming From China).

*I have taken photo’s of swatches, how the palette looks, and me making a custom lip color using this palette* I also listed a photo from google of the original MUFE Flash Palette

Overall: I would this give this a product a 5/5 I am probably going to buy like 3 more lol, I am serious! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is a makeup artist it would be amazing to have in your kit, also for personal use it is great because you can legit use it for anything. IT IS WORTH THE WAIT LET ME TELL YOU! YOU NEED THIS 🙂 Just think of all the great things you can do with this palette. I am definitely going to be ordering at least 2 more of these one more for myself and another for my kit 🙂

Here is the direct link on ebay: * I paid through paypal*

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