Mac Cosmetics: Bao Bao Wan

Shortest Horror Story Ever: SOLD OUT . . . .

Mac Limited Edition Collections can be so intense when they release depending on what they are, if there is limited edition packaging, and if the colors are sought after it can be tough. MAC BAO BAO WAN collection has been one of the most anticipated MAC Collections this spring because of the gorgeous packaging, but also the colors. LAVENDER JADE (purple) sold out first, I had to get three because I love purple colors lol two for myself and I may possibly sell the other one. Forbidden Sunrise which is the orange color was also very sought after because it’s such a pretty color and it’s matte and will be amazing to wear come summer time! Burmese Kiss the pretty pink/red tone I also got because it will be amazing to wear this summer as well. There was one more color it was Romantic breakdown a nude lustre, to sheer for my liking so I did not end up picking that color up.

Pros: Lipstick are opaque, Love the colors, Swatch nice, packaging is gorgeous, LAVENDER JADE (this color alone made the collection awesome).

Cons: SOLD OUT QUICKLY (I got mine yayy) and it’s LIMITED EDITION *but no worries you can always find it on ebay and MAC, Nordstrom, and Macy’s always secretly restock so just make sure to check those platforms.

-Not so much a big review but me just talking about this collection. I love it soooooooooo much, and I am so glad I was able to get my hands on everything I wanted.

It was such a struggle ordering these lipsticks, I stayed up until 4am March 2nd ordering them. Pretty intense lol but all my makeup junkies understand. I also picked up summer opal, this pressed powder is gorgeous, I have become so crazy over highlighters, and anything that gives my skin that perfect sun-kissed glow lately. Overall I love MATTE LIPSTICKS, and I do think it was worth losing a bit of sleep for this collection, I don’t go all crazy with every mac collection that comes out but this one was very worth it, I would do it all over again lol. I go so frustrated when it sold out at Nordstrom so quick, ending up launching at Macy’s (friend helped me find it there *Love you Natalie*), and it even launched on Mac that same day. I was like whoa Makeup Junkies can be intense…. yes we are addicts no we do not need help.

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