Milani: Matte Lipsticks Review


If you have not been able to get your hands on these lipsticks, I suggest ordering online. Milani for 2015 Spring season decided to come out with a matte lipstick collection. With matte lips being an ongoing trend if you are a makeup fanatic or artist then you obviously must have matte lipsticks in you’re collection. I only picked up 6 colors out of the  collection but there are more. You can get these at CVS, Some Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, and Online directly from the Milani Website.

Pros: Creamy Texture, goes on smoothly, opaque, big selection of color range, accommodates different skin tones,long lasting, new vanilla -like cupcake smell instead of the old smell which I did not mind.

Cons: None (Lol finding them and hoping all of them aren’t sold out)

Overall these are a good buy, depending where you purchase they will either be $4.99-6.99 so look for some coupons and watch out for those Bogo Cosmetics sales because these colors will be amazing for Spring, Summer, and Even Fall!

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